INANNA Project

Starting this project means to start decolonizing my inner and outer patriachalic structure of seperation and competition. It means to strengthen my alignment to Mother Earth. MAPPING is my tool.


MAPPING is a way to experience the connecting structures between different appearances. The actual pandemic situation challenges us to a new way of living. In exchange with artists in various countries, I explored in my CROSSING-project the question what the reactions to the process of global uncertainty are worldwide. What methods do we find in art to become truly viable from a new connection with the environment? In the dialogues, the central theme was the experience of boundaries as a fundamental condition of human structure.

As a CROSSING-result  even in my artistic work with my Membranes out of waxsskin as threshold transitions I realised that there are no real boarders.

As it is mirrored in the common imagery of the microscopic pictures of science and indigenous art the inner and the outer world is based on the same structure, microcosm and macrocosm are actually one. MAPPING can be a bridge between these worlds, navigating the unknown connections.

In MAPPING I experience colour as a phenomenon of the in-between. Thus, in awareness of the connection of different layers of being, we can strengthen our human condition. In perception of colour we eventually get a glimps of a possibility: That as humans we are not only the reason for destruction but for a beautiful togetherness.

KL 03 2021