“To be in the unknown in order to know”: Interview Hadar Mitz

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I.)What comes to mind when you hear the expression “crossing the threshold”?

I think art is crossing the borders, live is crossing the borders. It is trying to touch what you cannot touch and trying to be on both sides. I think crossing the threshold is a life journey. And art is a tool to experience it. All of us humans have to cross this threshold in order to develop.

II.) What do you think about the phenomenon of fear?

I think the experience of fear is a part of being a creator. I want to realize fear as something small and not give it a really big place. I think it is an invitation to see which state I need to cross. If there is fear, so there is something interesting there. It is not my comfort zone. So may be I needed to go in the direction what frightened me me. And may be it will surprise me, because fear and crossing the threshold it is the same road I think. According to Marina Abramovic I believe that fear is a gate.

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