Crossing Finland : New Interviews

by loekenhoff (comments: 1)

Interviews with:

EVA mm Engelhardt, Textile installations, sculpture, embroidery, Copenhagen, Denmark

Laura Feliu, Photography, Barcelona, Spain

Pompi Caputo, photography, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cathrine Taylor, Writing, video, Ithaca, NY, USA

Here are the questions:


What comes to mind when you hear the expression “crossing the threshold”? 

Do you share the opinion, that many people today are insecure due to strong cultural and social changes in the world? 

Do you make an inner correlation between fear and not feeling connected to others or the world? 

Please describe your artistic creative process. 

Is there any experience in your life which opens you to this art practice? 

If an artist only focuses on themselves and their art work, are they acting irresponsible or even destructive towards the rest that life has to offer? If so, do they have to? Can they avoid this behavior? 

How do you prepare yourself for your artistic process?
Do you have the longing to heel a kind of rift between and in us and that you do it not only for yourself? 

What kind of relation exists between the inner human world (body-soul-spirit)) and the so-called “Virtual Reality”? 

Can a creative art practice help to create methods for a healthy and positive life? 

Does an artist have a certain responsibility for the world because of his possibilities and special abilities? 


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Comment by Max P. |

I read your questions and found them worthwhile thinking of answers as well, well done, I look forward to read all about it after your trips, and keep going, a project to make us think, as I am an artist as well, it is a pleasure to follow your journey, even only virtual, but am glad I do know you in real, eye to eye, soul to soul, so that makes a difference somehow.