Installation: BRUNHILDA. The House of the Midwife

by loekenhoff (comments: 0)

In my work I create an Homage to the life of a midwife who lived there once, I call her BRUNHILDA.

Arnes Hus" was the first and the oldest in Skagaströnd. People here lived in poverty with their direct connection to harsh environmental conditions. Everything in these tiny rooms show the fragile and brutal reality of life back then. There is no sense of having too much. Life was simple. The house speaks of the 'everyday', nothing more.To be in “Arnes Hus” in this Icelandic village was for me an intense confrontation with a different way of life. I question our addiction to the virtual world and I am looking for our individual skills to survive in the real world without disappearing into a second life.I question my way of living and how I connect with other people in my life as an artist, teacher, mother, lover, friend; how I think, how I feel and how I might change to make a difference. 

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