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The interview with Hadar Mitz was the first of all "Crossing-Interviews" and took place in the library of Skagaströnd, Iceland. Hadar was born 1989 in Israel and lives and works in Tel Aviv.

"They say that you cannot step into the same river twice. You can’t even step into the same river once; as soon as you enter it changes. We experience nature as being dynamic, always in motion, an ongoing process. Every human attempt to put order in nature by cataloguing it cannot succeed without sacrificing its sense of life. The act of cataloguing always encounters death, the death of the constant flux which characterizes the natural world.

I’m interested in the tension between nature as we know it and the human attempt to enforce order, with the failure inherent to it.Using the media of collage, assemblage, drawing and video, I work in two different strategies that converge to create a dynamic catalogue which conveys experiences of reality."

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