"Crossing Exhibition" : The House of the Midwife

by loekenhoff (comments: 2)


I made this installation out of respect and in memory of a wise woman, who knows equally the brutality and beauty of life.

The exhibition took place Sunday 26.August 2018, 16.00 -18.00 h, NES Artist Residency Skagaströnd



In my Installation I create an Homage to the life of a midwife, I call her BRUNHILDA.

In addition to the interviews with other artists in Skagaströnd/Iceland I do my own approach to "Crossing the threshold" in the oldest house of town, the "Midwifes House", comparing two different life strategies.

What would I need to give away to be able live here as this midwife?  I will try to work it out.

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Comment by Hendrik Häfel |

Icelanders emphasize that it is reading that has allowed them to connect to the rest of the world. So literature, art has inspired the progress and the connection to the events of the world. With the unique situation, this eruptive, uncertain island, it is important to explore how a friendly living together is possible and so enormously successful!

Comment by Brigitta Lökenhoff |

I would so very much like to join this exhibition: I bow to every midwife living and working on this earth, I love the name brunhilda, I feel a deep compassion for the land of my horses ancestors...