WHITE FLAG Documentary

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The White Fag Art Project at KUNSTHAUS ESSEN. Opening 11. 8. 2023

The WHITE FLAG Art Project is an international endeavor led by a group of artists with the goal of exploring the artistic possibilities and significance of the white flag, in response to the pressing global challenges we face today on levels of our lives.

pictures Stephan von Knobloch

Artistic Concept
In our increasingly interconnected world, issues of identity have taken on greater significance, often symbolized by flags that represent various ideologies and opinions. National flags, protest flags, and rainbow flags fly high, evoking a sense of opposition, and at times animosity. But… the White Flag Art Project is not about flags or nationalism.
The White Flag Art Project emerges with a sense of urgency. For the artists the white flag serves as a symbol of surrender, a description of the inability to reach instant answers to global crises and complicated developments. It is a space to explore a non-action approach, in order to find new directions.
The white flag represents here a core humanity, empathy and not-knowing. It celebrates ‘bearing witness’ to harm with strength and compassion. The project welcomes diverse cultures as well as expressions of various interpretations of the white flag theme. 

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