Interviews at Dak`Art : Brunhilda Project

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In line with the topic ĨNDAFFA #, I love the idea of fueling the “needed birthing of a new world” not only with my MEMBRANE paintings, but also with my INTERVIEWS. BRUNHILDA is giving space for communication regarding our future on this planet. As a forging midwife she is the patroness of this transformative process, where we get rid of fear and hate and become able to see. In my interviews with other artists in Dakar I am curious about the recent role models of a new humanity, overcoming the consequences of colonisation and globalisation as destructive patriarchal patterns.

My BRUNHILDA-PROJECT is dedicated to find sustainable life strategies by reactivating African spirituality, showing that cultural life can be redefined and made possible through exchange rather than demarcation.

On the basis that it is not the artists duty to give answers but to ask questions, my project includes documentary interviews with other artists. (Already happened in very different places, like Iceland, Finland, Egypt and South Africa.)

Examples of questions are:

I) What comes to mind when you hear the expression “crossing the 
threshold” ?

II) Is there any experience in your life which opens you to your art practice ?

III) What is your connection with the “Mother Archetype”? How are you finding a realignment with the vibriting life itself?

IV) Can a creative art practice help to create methods for a sustainable way of life ?

Here are more informations about my participation at the Biennale Dakar 2022 and some pics from former interviews.....

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