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Katharina Lökenhoff is an artist based in Essen, Germany. Born in May 1969 into an arts collectors‘ family, she studied Arts, Philosophy and Pedagogy. Her own teachings and even her former family life as being a mother of two now grown up young women have always been part of her artistic activities, as a kind of parallel process. 
While working on her PhD thesis on “Colour sense in relation to Goethe’s und Beuys’ symbol concept” at Witten University, she also curated some exhibitions at“Kunsthaus Essen.” From August 2018 she was on a journey for her artistic research project “Crossing”, travelling to Iceland, Finland, Egypt, Lebanon and South Africa. It is her intention to have an international exchange in interviews with other artists about the issue of overcoming borders as a necessity to enable a sustainable future. In line with this topic, she is working on Membranes made of waxskin as transformation tools with a material, which mirrors the theme of crossing thresholds in the phenomenon of the skin as an intermediary between the inner and outer world. In her work, she is very much involved in conveying different levels of being, consciousness and cultures.


The BRUNHILDA-Project ist dedicated to fuel the “needed birthing of a new world” (Biennale Dakar) with her MEMBRANES and  Crossing-Research-INTERVIEWS.

Katharina Lökenhoff finds her sources of creation in Africa. In her working periods in Abidjan, Cairo and Cape Town she realised a new dialogue with the material and a fundamental connection between body, colour and the power of life. She was encouraged by the strong African women to trust her vital forces that had been buried by European education.

In her INTERVIEWS in Dakar 2022 she is looking for an exchange regarding the African origin of the “Mother-Archetype”. She is curious about the recent role models of a new humanity, overcoming  destructive patriarchal patterns.

Thus, the MEMBRANES are kind of magical instruments to empower people for a common and shared future based on clarified conditions.


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