It is my way of saying “yes” to life : Deborah Felmeth, Damascus

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Is there any precondition or preparation for arriving at your artistic process, rituals or something like this?

Setting the intention, setting the clear intention. In Sanskrit it’s called sankalpa. And I noticed with sankalpa that it should be clear, it should be simple. Our intention can not have three paragraphs…..Rather, a very simple statement. My intention is to trust.

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My first interview in Cape Town was with Deborah Felmeth, whom I met through Abdullah Ibrahim. Rarely has a woman impressed me as much as she did. Already when I first saw her in the hotel lobby waiting for him, she appeared to me as a person who managed to realize herself. She lives as a musician, weaver and yoga teacher in Vermont and Damascus. There, may be as the only American woman living there, she wrote a book titled "Syria, Remember Me".


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